Building a mini cluster – Part 3: One power supply to feed them all…

After going over the hardware selection in my previous post, we still need to get power to the servers…

The power system is going to be a difficult part of this build… As I wrote earlier, I am not a DYI person and I’ve been on the receiving end of enough electric shocks that, frankly, electricity scares me. But there is no way I can use discrete power supplies for every motherboard because: Continue reading “Building a mini cluster – Part 3: One power supply to feed them all…”

Building a mini cluster – Part 2: Server Hardware Selection

A Following my previous entry, where I went over the Design Criteria for my mini cluster, the next step is the selection of the server hardware: processor and motherboard, memory and storage.

Since I will be needing twelve of everything, even a small cost difference of “only” 10.00 EUR immediately means a total extra cost of 120.00 EUR… Penny saving matters! Continue reading “Building a mini cluster – Part 2: Server Hardware Selection”

Building a mini cluster – Part 1: Design Decisions

Ever since I can remember, I’ve had easy access to some form of multi node compute environment . But after changing jobs earlier this year, I found myself without access to anything resembling a cluster. At first it was only mildly annoying and I made do with using virtual machines on my (rather beefy) PC and I dabbled with public clouds like Azure and Amazon when I got a free coupon at some convention. But recently, I needed a cluster environment to test something for a potential customer and much to my chagrin, every virtual environment I tried just did not want to cooperate.

So I made the solemn promise to myself:

I will never be at the mercy of virtual compute ever again!

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